NYC Business

NYC Business aims to make it clearer, faster, and simpler to do business in New York City. 

  1. Avoid common violations (use the guide
  2. Find, learn about, and comply with regulations that apply to a business (call NYC 311 or visit
  3. Contest or pay violations once received (visit
  4. Know what to expect in NYC inspector customer service, and give anonymous feedback ( and

NYC Business Solutions

NYC Business Solutions is a set of free services offered by the Department of Small Business Services to help businesses start, operate and expand in New York City.

NYC Business Acceleration

NYC Business Acceleration helps business owners opening food and beverage establishments navigate the city's regulatory processes and reduce the time needed to open.

IRS Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center

The IRS Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center provides an array of resources for small businesses, including: Small Business Tax GuideStarting a Business and Keeping RecordsOperating a Business, and Virtual Small Business Tax Workshop.